“We want to find the best coffee beans, and roast great coffee”

It seems simple, but behind each bag of our coffee beans is a whole network of dedicated individuals and a lot of hard work. What drives us is our passion and excitement. What guides us are our core commitments to quality.

“The perfect roast is only possible with high quality coffee beans”

We track down and source exceptional coffee by working closely and visiting our trusted partners to search and find the best beans. The truth is, we would be nowhere without the skilled effort of the farmers and the workers at origin. To honour this effort, we are always a stand for the Direct Trade model. This involves us going to meet our growers when possible. Through Direct Trade, we can be sure all of the premium prices we pay goes straight into their hands.

Our Roasting style : “Unlocking the mystery”

Each crop has its own mystery and each green bean has its own unique and extensive spectrum of flavour compounds that are just waiting for the right roaster to come along and unlock them. We roast, cup, brew and extract each batch meticulously and without exception until they develop the perfect roasting profile that allows YOU to experience the full range of each bean’s potential.

Discover more about our coffee making in this video:

Click here to discover how to caffeinate your business.

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